Services NOT offered

Some of these require a specialized set up that would not provide a good return on investment while others fall outside the range of apparel manufacture services

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Products for Children

The high liability insurance premiums associated with any products for children and specialized setup required do not provide a good return on investment

Sewn Accessories (Haberdashery)

Ties, suspenders, belts, hats, socks, gloves, shoes, anything that is NOT a garment or bag

Leather Items

Due to low demand for leather services, sampling or production of leather products has been discontinued until further notice


Try your local dry cleaner

Bridal or special occasion formal wear

Requires specialized skill sets and factory set up we are not prepared to invest in

Underwear (lingerie) or Swimwear

Any category that requires specialized skill sets and equipment (boning, underwire, cup moulding) we don’t have

Knitted Sweaters or Socks

Try a “fully fashioned” sweater knitter set up with knitting machines, we are a cut & sew factory

Eyeglasses or Jewelry

Contact an eyewear factory or a jeweler

Referrals to Factories

Try and agent or referral service, we are a factory

Access to Finance

Try a bank or financial institution, we are a sewing factory

Free (Pro-bono) Services

Try your local charity, we are a “for profit” business

Drop Shipping

We are a sewing factory not a logistics company

Trim Sourcing (buttons, labels, zippers, etc)

We do NOT carry inventory of trim and most people are not prepared to pay for the amount of hours that it takes to source, evaluate, submit trim for approval to client, etc
Our sourcing page has links to possible trim sources as a courtesy to all online visitors

Textile printing or embroidery (from our factory)

We are NOT textile printers or embroiderers and limit our involvement in those areas to providing Specialty Send out Management within a 5 mile radius of Downtown Los Angeles
Our production page offers a complete description of what these services include
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