Types of Fabric Handled,Sample Making
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Our sample makers have experience handling:
* Fine woven (Chiffon or silk)
* Light weight knits (stretch)
* Medium weight woven (rigid) and knit (stretch) fabrics
* Medium weight woven and stretch fabrics
* Heavy weight canvas or denim
* One way engineered print knits and woven (stripes or border)
* Two way engineered print knits and woven (plaid)
* Novelty fabrics (metallics)
Product Categories Sampled,Sample Making
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Samples of these product categories may be sampled:
* Women’s

Rigid Fabric Categories:
* Shorts
* Trousers
* Denim
* Skirts
* Basic Jackets
* Blouses
* Dresses
* Jackets
* Trousers
* Shirts
* Coats

Knit Fabric Categories:
* T-shirts
* Sweatshirts
* Zip front or button front hooded sweatshirts
* Dresses
* Sweats
* Skirts
* Sportswear & activewear (only if flat lock or zig zag machine not required)
Sample Stage,Sample Making
Sample Types
Samples have numerous purposes depending on the stage of the process they are being requested for
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Pattern Test (Mock up)
Sewn in alternative fabric to run a preliminary test on pattern
First Sample
The focus is on getting proportion right and making sure that chosen fabrics behave as expected
Prototype Sample
Any corrections resulting from First sample review have already been implemented, so the focus is on getting hanger appeal, fit and construction right
Sales Duplicates
Minor corrections from First Sample are implemented and the focus is on costing
These are the samples that are usually distributed to the sales team or PR reps
You got orders to fulfill and his is the first step to confirm that the fabric and trims being used in production behave as those used for prototypes...
This is also the sample where substitute materials are tested (if fabrics or trims originally sampled are no longer available for production)
This sample reflects the fit, construction and materials that have been approved for production and is given to the Factory to follow as a standard to meet
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Available to guide you at every step of the process, either face to face or via Skype or Google Hangouts video conference
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