First Pattern
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First Pattern (prototype)
First patterns are "blue prints" to be drafted from a technical sketch, garment or another pattern (block)
Patterns are created using the most efficient of these methods:
* Flat pattern drafting from an existing CAD pattern block or measurements from a reference sample
* Certain design features may be achieved more accurately by draping and digitizing those draped pieces as CAD file
* Some styles may require a combination of flat pattern and draping methods

All pattern drafting services include a copy of the file in PAD System and one paper print out

Pattern Adjustments
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Pattern Adjustment
Once a fit session is conducted, we’ll be able to determine what pattern fit adjustments may be necessary to achieve the intended results
Fabric Shrinkage Patterns
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Pattern Shrinkage
Once you have tested fabrics for shrinkage we make necessary adjustments to patterns
This can
decrease the level of returns dramatically, as consumers will end up with garments that withstand washes without shrinking or distorting drastically.
Patterns NOT by UDS
Patterns NOT created by Unlimited Design Services may be used once they’ve been audited and found to be suitable for sampling to develop new styles
We offer a limited range of
CAD file conversions for pattern files created in CAD other than PAD System (subject to compatibility) or digitize hand made (paper) patterns
Paper Pattern Digitizing
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Paper Pattern Digitizing
Paper or oak tag patterns not created by Unlimited Design Services can be converted to Pad System files by digitizing
Only patterns that meet ALL the following requirements will be eligible for digitizing:
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Net Size
The pattern reflects NET measurements (NO Shrinkage added)
Seam Allowances
Every pattern piece has seam allowances traced along EVERY side
Pattern Card
MUST include a pattern card which follows industrial pattern making conventions
Pattern audit by Unlimited Design Services in order to release pattern for sampling or recommend adjustments (not always required)
Paper Pattern Audit
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Pattern Audit and Adjustment
We can audit patterns from other sources after digitizing and provide you with a full report on findings
If an audited pattern has problems, you can make an educated decision on how to proceed with the pattern (correct, re-draft or scrap)
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Available to guide you at every step of the process, either face to face or via Skype or Google Hangouts video conference
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