Material Performance,Pre-Production
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Material Performance
All fabrics and trims must be tested for durability or suitability BEFORE going into production
Production Pattern,Pre-Production
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Production Pattern
A patterns is released for production once the first pattern has been perfected for fit and optimized for the lowest fabric consumption and number of sewing operations.
Material Allocation,Pre-Production
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Material Allocation
We provide clients fabric and trim allocations required to run their production order of each style
This service will
prevent fabric shortages and costly surcharges associated with rushing secondary fabric rolls or trim to complete the order or having to cancel production due to material shortages
Pattern Grading,Pre-Production
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Pattern Grading
The process of making your pattern into different sizes is carried out after your base size pattern has been released for production
We can
propose a set of grading increments from our stock libraries (as a starting point) or we can grade according to increments or measurements provided by the client
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Marker Layout
When a pattern that has been released to go into production and all pieces (of every size) have been laid out into the fabric to get fabric usage
We can
propose pattern changes to improve efficiency as there are many factors (besides fabric width) that will contribute:
* One way Nap
* Engineered one way (Stripe)
* Engineered two way (Plaid)
* Border Print or Selvage
* Tubular Fabric

A mini-marker will be e-mailed to the client for approval to confirm that the fabric usage is satisfactory

Marker copies can be
printed to 66" Bond Paper as required
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Available to guide you at every step of the process, either face to face or via Skype or Google Hangouts video conference
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