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  • SourceIt goes without saying that the best plans can be quickly scrapped if all fabric and trims are not readily available to begin drafting patterns and sampling process
    It’s premature (and expensive) to have a factory commit to a due date before all fabric and trim are readily available
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)Listing every fabric and trim that each sample with require is not only helpful for costing but also to avoid expensive mistakes
    In watching and labelling every technical sketch with fabric and trim you will be avoiding any chance of cutting (and wasting) a sample cut in the wrong color or fabric
  • Line SheetIn order to keep good track of progress at the development stage, most companies group their items (styles) by fabric and this can also be used as the foundation for a line sheet
    A line sheet is a visual tool which provides relevant information for its intended user (development team)
    At the Product Development stage, certain information (technical sketch, style number, fabric group, development stage) will be required by anyone involved in that sample development process (pattern makers, sample sewers, etc)
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  • Rough SketchSome of our clients prefer to give us rough sketches to perfect and more clearly define style details and proportion
    Working sketches include a croquis showing proportion in relation to the body in addition to stitching and construction details
    A precise, detail oriented working sketch can keep pattern making costs and development time to a minimum.
  • ConstructionThe best way to communicate fit & construction is by providing a reference sample to accompany Technical Flat Sketch and draft Pattern from
    Ideally this reference sample will be made out of a fabric that behaves as the fabrics sourced for first samples and it will fit a size that represents a base size
  • Technical DesignWe create flat sketches using CAD software, which can then be used as a supplement to Technical Specifications or for the creation of Line Sheets
    Illustrating construction, dimension and trim or embellishment placements will make flat sketches easier to understand
    It's important to make sure that sketches reflect every stitch detail and show front and back views of the design, along with enlarged views of specific details
  • Pattern MakingThe “blue print” created to cut your samples from
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  • Sample CuttingAll samples are cut in-house using the best method for the specific fabric
  • Machine Set-upEach machine used in the assembly of a sample requires specific set up for the type of operation, fabric weight and the way fabric behaves
  • Sample SewingSamples are assembled by our in-house team of experienced sample makers
  • Specialist send outWe manage the delivery and receipt of specialized treatments applied to samples such as:
    *Garment Dye
    *Garment Wash
    *Custom Trim
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Available to guide you at every step of the process, either face to face or via Skype or Google Hangouts video conference
  • Fabric YieldsWe can estimate how much fabric is required to complete your order based on the patterns we have created for you
    This service will
    prevent fabric shortages and costly surcharges associated with rushing secondary fabric rolls to complete the order or having to cancel production due to fabric shortages
  • Labor (CMT Cost)Once your sample has been approved for construction we can provide you with a labor cost to manufacture (CMT) the specific style
  • Cost SheetThe Bill of Materials (BOM) provides the foundation to finalize the cost sheets and get a total cost for each garment including, components and labor
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