Product Development
Apparel Product Development
* How to communicate ideas to get prototype samples?
* How to cost garments without missing any details?
* How to know if the materials (fabric and trim) are suitable for the type of garments we designed?
Technical Design
Technical Design
* How to create clear drawings?
* How to determine machine requirements for each garment?
* How to provide technical information cutting and sewing team requires to execute the vision?
Pattern Making,Fit
Pattern Making and Fit
* What body type (proportion) represents the target consumer?
* What represents a good fit for a brand?
* How does the pattern need to be changed to eliminate fit problems?
Wearable Technology
Wearable Technology
* What materials are better suitable for the technology to be implemented
* What construction will help support the hardware?

* How to test components to be used for wearable technology products?
Sample Making
Sample Making
* What type of samples do I need?
* How do we ensure that the construction is suitable for the style
* When is the best time to start sampling?
* How many sizes should a brand offer ?
* Why should a brand commit to a set number of sizes or units per size?

* How to prevent fabric or trim waste?
Production (CMT)
Production (CMT)
* How to avoid production delays
* What type of fabrics are easier to work with

* Can all brands “afford” Made in USA products?
Re-shoring (from Imports to Made in USA)
Re-Shoring (no more imports)
* Want to start manufacturing clothing in USA?
* Do you need a cost analysis of made in USA vs Imports?

* Are you prepared to handle domestic manufacture?
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