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We appreciate your interest in our services!

All meetings are provided by appointment ONLY, and we offer in-person or Skype video meetings:

1st Open Meeting
Tired of trying to make sense of contradictory information available online?
If you are new to the industry we can answer all the questions you can fit into one hour

1st Strategy Meeting
This meeting grants you exclusive access to an industry expert who will help create a plan for YOUR specific product and business model and $100 will be credited towards your first project with us

  • 1st Open Meeting
  • $100.00
  • 1 Hour Pre-Paid
  • At our offices or via Skype
  • No Estimate required

    We answer all your questions face to face for one hour

  • 1st Strategy Meeting
  • $200.00
  • 2 Hours Pre-Paid
  • At our offices or via Skype
  • Don't know where to start?

    We help create a plan for YOUR 1st project

Estimate item drop off or shipment

If you have clothing samples (could be something you purchased) and have the fabric that will be used for samples and production you may have all that's required for a development estimate

Estimates for development may include:

1) Technical Flat Sketches
2) Technical Design
3) Base size body standard
4) Pattern Making
5) BOM Creation
6) Specialist fabric sourcing
7) Sample Cutting & Sewing
8) Fit session
9) Fabric Selection
10) Fabric Yield
11) Specialist "send out" management

Required to create development estimates:

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Fabric Swatches
Letter size swatches of fabrics you are using for the design being sampled
A product sample for every style being developed (even if it's very rough and needs changes)
Style Numbers
If you have more than one style, all samples must be labelled with a style number
If you have a pattern, let us see it so that we can check that it's suitable for industrial assembly
  • 1st Estimate Item Shipment
  • Schedule
  • N/A
  • Ship items to our offices
  • Request Custom Estimate?

    Ship items required for custom estimates

  • 1st Estimate Item Drop Off
  • Schedule
  • 10 minutes
  • Drop off items at our factory
  • Request Custom Estimate?

    Drop off items required for custom estimates