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Email us
This is the best way to contact us and all email is answered within the same business day

1) Make sure your product is not in one of the categories we DON’T service
2) We can't give you production or fabric prices unless you have sent us corresponding samples for review (images are not enough)
3) If you want rough estimates for development, sampling or pre-production (without sending samples) you can calculate by using our online price calculator

We want to hear about your next big idea, so (due to the high volume of calls we get on a daily basis) some unscheduled calls may be referred to voice mail

(213) 784 0972

1st Phone Consultation (FREE)
Do you have a few questions before requesting estimates?
This pre-schedule phone call grants you exclusive access to an industry expert for 15 minutes
Limited to one FREE consultation per caller

Make sure your product is not in one of the categories we DON’T service
1st time Factory Visit
Visitors to our factory are always welcomed (by appointment ONLY) and we offer in-person or Skype video meetings where applicable:
You can schedule a consultation with an expert if any of the following describe the purpose of your visit

  • I don't have everything required for 1st project estimate but want to consult with an industry expert
  • I'm tired of trying to make sense of contradictory information available online
  • I'm new to the industry and want guidance on the process from an industry expert
  • I have a budget and need help preparing a plan to complete my project(s) within that budget
You can schedule an item drop off for estimate creation if:

You have all items required to create Development project estimates and want to schedule a 5 minute drop off with a member of your team