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ABOUT 25+ years of experience in apparel manufacture delivering results
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Base Sizes Body measurements for men and women's clothing are available as base size to establish a fit for new brands
Bookfresh Reviews 31+ Bookfresh reviews since 2011
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CAD File Conversion We convert CAD files from and to PAD System V5 or digitize paper patterns
Categories NOT serviced These are services and product categories NOT provided because they require specialized knowledge or equipment not available
Consultation Consultants for apparel manufacture & wearable technology integration available by the hour
CONTACT Contact us by email or schedule calls and visits to our factory
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Development We develop clothing & integrate wearable technology bringing your ideas to life
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ESTIMATES Prices for clothing line samples developed in Los Angeles
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FAQ How to manufacture clothing made in America
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LEARN These resources will save you thousands of dollars launching a clothing line
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Online Prices Estimate prices online from information you have readily available
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Pattern Making Pattern makers CAD or paper patterns for sampes
Pre-Production Pattern grading & markers are part of pre-production to size garments and optimize fabric use
PROCESS How to launch a clothing line Made in USA
Production Cut & Sew Cut and sew manufacturers Los Angeles low minimum contract factory MOQ starts at 50 units per style
Project Estimate Project estimates are requested here and require samples and fabric swatches
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Samples Sample makers experienced in cutting & sewing clothing samples, prototypes and duplicates
Schedule Consultation Schedule hourly consultation or estimate item delivery
Sourcing Fabrics are sourced domestically or imported for samples or production orders
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Technical Design Technical design flat sketches or tech packs for clothing samples or production
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