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The Bookfresh review service was acquired by Square and we created this archive for your reference as the live reviews were taken off line October 31 2017


Technical Meeting
I had a meeting with Roccio Evenett to disscus about my product line. She's very knowledgable about production sewing and producing good quality samples. She made me feel at ease knowing that my garments are in good hands. The samples that UDS made definitely good quality and very impressed by the craftmanship. I'm looking forward doing business with UDS.
Loretta Green

New Accessory Product -Live appointment
Rocio took great care of us and made me feel so comfortable in my decision to have Unlimited Design Services be our manufactures. She not only answered all my question and put to rest any fears I had she shared a lot of informative information and lessons with us ....really, really appreciated her hands on and very candidness Love her :)
Raven Bair Glover

Meeting for Technical/Sample
I met with Roccio yesterday to go over my next design sample. As always, she was very helpful and straight forward with guiding me in the right direction. I have been meeting with UDS for over a year to get my small start-up clothing business going and have only had good experiences.
Twila B

First time and tour
I was very impressed with the services and I am looking forward to working with them. I felt welcomed and comfortable as I am new in this industry. I am very happy I found this place!!
Rodi R

First Time Appointment Review
Love David ...he was so helpful and explained things in away I could understand. I will be using Unlimited Design ervices and I am excited that they are in Los Angeles close to home...looking forward to meeting David and taking a tour. Thank You David-you're Awesome!!!!!
Raven G

A Great Start
Our first phone call with David went really well. Knowledgable and helpful. Looking forward to working with the team throughout the process. Thanks!
Ride Axle

First time meeting
I had an appointment with David. I'm waiting to hear back regarding pricing.
Alice K

First Call
Had an initial call with Roccio on 4-21-16 which was efficient, professional and pleasant. She called punctually and we had a productive call which made me feel confident in the company
Janice T

First Meeting
Meeting with Rocio yesterday went very well. She is very knowledgable and honest, and understands what our needs are and how we can execute them as best as possible. We are excited to start working with her and her team
Ryan M

More than I was expecting
Write your reviewing had my appointment with rocio and she opened my eyes about this business. She really knows what she's doing I am glad I found her and I can't wait to start working with her and her company.
Hugo C

New Prospect Appointment
I had my first telephone meeting with Rocio and I could not have asked for a better experience. Her knowledge, expertise and warm personality leave little to be desired. She asks all the right questions, provides useful insight and sets the perfect groundwork for a successful relationship going forward. I cannot wait to start working with her!
Maureen B

Initial Meeting
Rocio and Heber were a pleasure to work with. They really know their stuff and are extremely accommodating and helpful. I can't recommend them enough!
Melisa S

2nd Technical Review
Rocio is great to work with on creating my designs exactly or sometime even better than I hoped. Her knowledge of both design and construction makes it easier to achieve some of the more complicated parts of my garments.
Azmara A

Start of something new and great
Rocio was unbelievably honest and genuine to work with. We are extremely excited to see where this new business relationship goes and look forward to FINALLY getting quality work done. Thank you Rocio. We are grateful.
Ryan M

Initial Meeting
The initial meeting went great! Rocio was very polete, professional and informative. I felt that I got a lot out of the meeting and can't wait to meet her in person to further develop my garment. I will be recommending her to others
Rawa A

Prospect Phone Appointment
I had an excellent phone meeting with Rocio! She was professional and genuinely interested in my project. As I am doing active wear, she was up-front about not having a flatlock machine. Unfortunately, my designs call for flatlock seaming. I really appreciate that Rocio brought this point up and was honest about UDS's capabilities at this time. I hope to work with her in the future!
Jordan L

Initial meeting
Wow! What an inspirational meeting. I met with Rocio not only is she knowledgeable in her profession she listens and directs you to the most beneficial outcomes for your product. I am excited to begin working with Rocio and UDS, I feel that this meeting far exceeded my expectations and I look forward to build a solid relationship here. Rocio is the quintessential professional and goes above and beyond!!
Ginger D

Fit Session
We met with Rocio & Kelsey yesterday, to review fit and production details. Both were responsive and thoughtful, and focused on our conversation and needs Its been rare, in our experience, to get the kind of personalized attention UDS/USA offers. It's such a godsend to be able to accurately plan production schedules. This is a top-notch company.
Claudia L

Good Start
I had an initial call with Kelsey to determine if our business model was a good fit for working with UDS. We are definitely "out of the box" in terms of a typical client they would work with, but I was impressed with their willingness to be flexible with us. I was most impressed with the specialized machines that they have for making high-end garments such as welt pocket machines and key-hole button machines. We'll most likely move forward with next steps at UDS in determining if this is a good fit long-term.
Lara F

A great team. Nice people who want to help.
In this world, working with people you like makes life so much easier. I enjoyed my first meeting, got clear answers and know exactly what the next steps are. A great first meeting!
Alec P

First Meeting
Thank you UnlimtedDesign Services for taking the time to meet with me. I met with Kelsey yesterday and she really took the time to answer each and every one of my questions. I also really enjoyed that she gave me a tour of the facility so I can see what goes on behind the scenes. I have met with a few companies, and UDS was very professional, thorough and attentive and I was very happy with my first meeting with them.
Sabrina D

Pre Production Services Review
Working with Rocio has been amazing! The team are so easy to work with, helpful, enthusiastic and reliable. I wish I had used their services earlier... it would have saved me so much time and money! I look forward to working with them in the future as I continue to expand my line. Many thanks for such great service.
Gill M

New Prospect Appointment
Yesterday, 05/14/2013, my business partner and I had an appointment with Kelsey. She was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. As a new business owner, Kelsey definitely put me at ease with the process of producing clothing and working with their company. Thank you
Jayne F

Pre-Production Fitting
I met with Rocio Evenett yesterday for a Pre-Production fitting for my first production run. UDS made the first sample patterns and samples for my line so it was a seamless transition to go forward with pre-production with them. The appointment went very smooth and within an hour we were able to discuss all the adjustments that needed to be made for the entire line.
Clarisse D

New Prospect Appointment Review
I had an appointment with Rocio Evenett and it went well. I appreciate how clear they are about there services and prices from the beginning. During the meeting we could not get the video to work on the Skype but that could have been my fault or a bad connection- I do not think that it affected much however could be a problem for future Skype meetings. I am looking forward to working with this company.
Caramiya D

New Prospect appt
I had a new prospect appt with Rocio on the 3rd of Jan. 2013, she was great & gave me a good direction to move in which was so helpful. Her company comes highly recommended and I am glad I took the time to go talk with her, I am looking forward to working with UDS in the very near future. Thank you! Roccio.
Gina N

New Prospect Appointment Review
I had an appointment with Rocio Evenett a few weeks ago and in less than 30 minutes she was able to answer every question I had thoroughly. As a new business owner, I appreciated how knowledgable and helpful she was
Clarisse D

New Prospect Appointment Review
I had a meeting with Roccio Evenett yesterday to discuss bringing my line's production to the US. She was helpful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic...totally put me at ease about the journey we have ahead. Thank you, UDS!
Tracy B

New Prospect Skype Appointment
I met with Roccio Evenett yesterday. As a small business owner, I appreciated her thoughtful questions, her thorough explanations, and her excellent advice. I am looking forward to developing a strong relationship with UDS as I grow my business. Many thanks to you, Roccio.
Martha P

New Prospect Appointment Review
We had a new prospect appointment with Rocio Evenett on 12/5, 2011. She was very helpful asking us the right questions to get a feel for where our company is currently at. The appointment started on time and we didn't feel like we were rushed asking our questions-- even though it was only 30 minutes! Overall, UDS gave a professional impression and we are looking forward to doing business with them.
Shirley M

What we do

We develop (sample) and manufacture men’s and women’s clothing specializing in contemporary or utility apparel and wearable technology integration
Clients work directly with our experienced team with the option to design, prototype and produce at our single factory location or we can develop styles to be produced at the overseas or domestic factory of their choice

Our in-house team are the same people making their products (not agents) at our own sewing factory just 4 miles from Downtown Los Angeles


Clients benefit from our modular approach to services by having the option to develop or produce:
  • Menswear
  • Womens Wear
  • Knit fabric clothing
  • Woven fabric apparel
  • Wearable technology integration projects

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