What we do

We develop (sample) and manufacture men’s and women’s clothing specializing in contemporary or utility apparel and wearable technology integration
Clients work directly with our experienced in-house team (not agents) to design, prototype and produce at our own factory located just 4 miles from Downtown LA

Clients benefit from our modular service options for:

  • Step 1
  • Development
  • From idea to Sample
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  • Step 2
  • Pre-Production
  • Get ready to Produce
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  • Step 3
  • Production
  • Cut and Sew Production
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Who are our clients

  • Brands exploring "on-shoring" or re-shoring" options to produce apparel Made in USA
  • Wearable technology inventors and startup businesses ready to develop and produce apparel Made in USA
  • Independent retailers looking for Made in USA apparel and in low volume (MOQ) of at least 100 units per style
  • Brands developing challenging projects that require EXTREME attention to detail and advanced technical knowledge
  • Imported apparel manufacturers looking to develop samples in USA to produce at the factory of their choice
  • Brands launching sewn products through crowdfunding campaigns
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We focus on finding the best options for YOUR BENEFIT:

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Work with professionals who are brutally honest (we won’t just tell you what you hear) and provide educated options (based on proved decades of experience) to fit your specific needs
Our team provides the same level of service for start ups or established brands alike promoting the idea of rewarding forward planning and treating your projects with the same care and diligence as if they were our own
We keep constant written communication to ensure flawless project execution or anticipate potential problems while you can focus on growing your business
We empower our clients to remain in control of their business (sourcing & development) and discourage practices that may hinder client's success in the short and long term
Providing options for clients who outgrew working with freelancers but don't yet have the budget to hire full time employees


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Great Experience working with this factory!
Anne Harper
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Services NOT offered

There are some services which require specialized set up while others fall outside the range of apparel manufacture services
Full list of services we don't offer

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